MOAP - Maintenance of a Project

What is moap ?

moap is a swiss army knife for project maintainers and developers. It aims to help in keeping you in the flow of maintaining, developing and releasing, automating whatever tasks can be automated. This includes

  • updating and committing from  ChangeLog files (much like
  • maintaining your checkout's ignore list
  • archiving your checkout
  • getting contributors from ChangeLog?, and searching through it
  • submitting releases to  Freshmeat
  • sending out release mails (with support for templating)
  • creating iCal/RSS feeds for your releases (based on a  doap file, and with support for templating)
  • administer  Trac installations
  • and more.

Supported version control systems currently are  Bazaar,  CVS,  darcs,  git (including git-svn) and  Subversion. Supported templating languages are  Cheetah and  Genshi. Supported bug tracker backends are  Bugzilla and  Trac.

Get started

moap is fairly young and not yet widely packaged. Have no fear, however ! It is very easy to get running straight from subversion. See the README for instructions. Here's a  screencast that explains how to get started.

Check it out

svn co moap

Keep posted

  • Release feeds: RSS 2.0 feed iCal feed
  • Developer blog:
    • Thomas: HTML page - only moap RSS 2.0 feed - only moap only moap HTML page - all RSS 2.0 feed - only moap all
  • Project information: Description of a Project

More information

The README contains more detailed information on how to get started, features, dependencies, and plans. And I can't really tell from where I'm standing, but there may be a FAQ on the horizon over there.


The latest release is 0.2.7 and can be gotten from the  download area


You can help me out with the following:

  • Suggest ideas ! I am very interested in hearing from people what they think moap should help them with.
  • Make me a nice logo or icon ! Gratitude will be bestowed upon you. (Too late ! The excellent Christophe Dumas already made me a nice shiny logo !)
  • Package moap for your distribution.