morituri is a CD ripper aiming for accuracy over speed. Its features are modeled to compare with Exact Audio Copy on Windows.

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For a rationale for the features of morituri, see  The Art of the Rip. morituri was created to address the gaps in existing Linux software.


  • support for MusicBrainz for metadata lookup
  • support for AccurateRip verification
  • detects sample read offset of drives
  • performs test and copy rip
  • detects and rips Hidden Track One Audio
  • templates for file and directory naming
  • support for lossless encoding and lossy encoding or re-encoding of images
  • tagging using GStreamer, including embedding MusicBrainz id's
  • retagging of images
  • for now, only a command line client (rip) is shipped


  • cdparanoia, for the actual ripping
  • cdrdao, for session, TOC, pregap, and ISRC extraction
  • GStreamer and its python bindings, for encoding
  • python musicbrainz2, for metadata lookup
  • pycdio, for drive identification (optional)




  • Find your drive's offset:
    rip offset find
  • Rip a CD to FLAC:
    rip cd rip --offset (offset)
  • Encode lossless images to a lossy codec:
    rip image encode --profile=vorbis -O vorbis */*.cue
  • Retag lossless images:
    rip image retag */*.cue


git clone git://


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