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Do some research

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 12:00


Alvaro, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here. But your post makes zero sense. You saw some article on Slashdot about Linus possibly calling someone a hypocrite, and you use it to attach your OpenSolaris wagon to it.

For god's sake, do some research. It's a SlashDot post ! Did you actually see Linus call the GPLv3 authors hypocrites ? The Slashdot article links to some other article that claims Linus said something in a post. The article doesn't even link to the post it talks about, instead it links to the mirror page for the kernel.

For good reason - the actual post does not say something like "I say GPLv3 authors are hypocrites." The article author is misinforming on purpose, steering people away from what Linus actually said, to peddle his wares - in this case, his article. And it's working, because smart people like you are just parrotting him verbatim, then peddling their own wares - in this case OpenSolaris. People with their own agenda will take whatever anyone with some weight in the community says and take it out of context. You should be smarter than that.


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Europython is turning out to be quite interesting. It takes some effort to start talking to people given that I know relatively few here, but I'm learning lots of new stuff. But I'll save more for some other post.

Right now I want to focus on the more amusing combination of Linux and hotels. So here's the thing. The guys from Tuxdroid are here, selling their little Tux robots. For those who don't know, this is a small robot with text-to-speech that can flap its wings, make its eyes glow blue, and run around, as well as serve as speaker. I'm sure there's other stuff I'm missing. They're selling these babies for 79 euros, and the company is Belgian. They have a bunch of code available to program the thing (radio-controlled with a USB dongle), and it has a bunch of stuff in python. So far, so cool.

So here's the thing. I plug Tux into the power socket to charge him. When you start charging it, it says "Hello" and flaps its wings. In the hotel room, when I leave the room, I have to take the card out of that socket that controls whether there is power at all in the room (which is annoying in hotel rooms, because it means you can't leave your laptop charging while you are away.)

So, what happens when I come back to the room at night, get in, and put the card in the socket ?

A little bird flapping its wings and shouting "Hello" because it's getting fresh power juice. Too cute.

I'm wondering how I'm going to lug this thing around in my backpack for the next set of flights...


Filed under: General — Thomas @ 04:19


is when you set your alarm for 4.40 in the morning, because you've ordered a taxi to take you to the airport for an early flight, try hard to go to sleep at a reasonable hour but lie awake for too long, then get a phone call at 3.40 because there is some problem with Telefonica that affects a bunch of customer and when you log in and check up on it it's been resolved on its own, and you have an extra hour to kill but you feel like crap.

I wish I had that amazing ability others have to sleep during the day.  Whenever I do that I feel like crap for the rest of the day...

I have

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 17:42


the greatest girlfriend.

She sent me a birthday message.  In a mail.  Attached.  A two minute sound file.  Recorded in her home studio.  And she deliberately sent it in Ogg/Vorbis.  It was sweet and funny at once, and it made me homesick.  I'll be happy to see her in five days.

bits and pieces

Filed under: Conference — Thomas @ 23:35


xkcd author uses gnome ! Check out that awesome terminal screenshot.

Lugradio is crude, in a delightful sort of way.  Today saw Matt doing an hour-long gong-a-thon... in a thong.  Not a pretty sight.

The Everybody loves Eric Raymond guy is here as well, so I finally bought a "Knuth is my homeboy" shirt.  He did a nice gong talk about his characters with facts that were probably true.  Too bad he was cut short, he didn't even get to Eric.

Lugradio has a completely different vibe than any other conference I've ever been to, for better or for worse.  I had to improvise a little on my talk given that the projector screen was maybe two meters across, and with the sun it wasn't very visible anyway, but still got a good amount of questions, which I like.  On the other hand I will be happy to give a less technical/freeer talk at GUADEC.  I'm surprised to see the party being rather mellow though, no ruffians in this country at all! Just as well, I need to seriously catch up on sleep....

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