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Baby I got your money

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 6:44 pm

6:44 pm

So, went to the bank. Had them look at the “issue”. They took some time looking at it without telling me anything. Then they told me it was a human error and they would put back the money. I asked them to do it right away and show me, which they did. Then I realized they put back the money, but not the handling fee for the issuing of the cheque. So I asked them to give me that back too. The teller seemed to think that was a weird request, so I explained to him I didn’t feel I should pay commission on a transaction I hadn’t requested. He sort of understood. The fee was 8 euros, not much but not small either.

After that I noticed I had paid interests on going under 0 because of this operation. So I asked to get that back as well. This was 20 euro. He frowned again, and again I had to convince him. Sigh.

Anyway, afterwards I checked, and they gave me these three amounts back. Then they repeated the operations, so I was rich for a short while. And then they removed the surplus again. Banks …

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