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9:02 pm

I helped Christian take out trash from his balcony. With his landlord having died, he had a hard time living up to his promise of getting all the crap out.

Andy dropped in last Friday around 1.30. I was getting pretty ill all through the week, and I started to feel worse through the weekend, but I wanted to make sure he arrived ok and got settled in. He gave me the Franz Ferdinand CD as a welcome gift, yeeha ! Somehow I never got round to buying it myself.

We had lunch with Andy, Kristien, Christian, Julien, Noëlle and Zoë in the afternoon. At night we went out with Wim, Michelle and Ishmaël. Ishmaël taught me an important life lesson: to wash my hands not only after, but also before, going to the toilet.

Sunday was spent in bed with a 39 degree Celsius fever. Luckily I got taken care of well. Andy started looking on the net for places to stay, and in the evening got Christian to help him take his stuff to Christian’s place for his next round of lodging.

Monday saw us move our stuff to the new office. We now have a fairly large recreational/dancing/sauna area. It’d be nice if they’d get the blinds moved quickly though, because it can get really hot, and it’s only January right now.

We finally managed to play a few rounds of Quake in the office. Wim is a cold-blooded killer. Seeing as I’ve never played Quake before, and I get motion sickness pretty easily when playing recent shooting games, I think I managed quite well in perspective…

After spending last week fixing the bug I thought people wanted fixed, I realized that the short-term solution is only going to be useful in a few very specific cases. Instead of chasing the other cases, I decided to start working on the correct solution instead and start clearly defining state concepts and cleanup everywhere. This will take me a while though. I’ll start on the advanced UI as well because it will help me better to test my understanding of what I’m trying to define.

After tearing through the first season of Dawson’s Creek (blast from the past), we went through the first season of Sopranos. Currently out of series to watch, need to stock up…


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