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GStreamer 0.9.6

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GStreamer 0.9.6 is out. For those not in the know, a new stable release is less than two weeks away ! This release incorporates all the API changes we had queued up over the last month. It was a bit of a commit- and bug-closing frenzy, so it was two days late, but it's out now.

If you've written an application using GStreamer, better late than never to try and port your application and point out any possible problems we might have forgotten about...

I'm looking forward (though with a little anxiety) to the stable release - I'm very happy with all the love the core has gotten, and we've been able to layer lots of quality all over - automatic build testing, unit tests, automatic valgrinding, ... Edward is working on a media test suite which will be out soon as well. Seems #gstreamer has really caught on to what it takes to produce and improve quality, which makes me happy.

I remember a few weeks ago when someone proposed a port of the matroska muxer to 0.9 and I said "well, your patch is missing a unit test". I was expecting him to tell me to take a hike. But no - he wrote a unit test, submitted it, and added "writing this unit test I found a few bugs in my muxer." G-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-eat !

Anyway, I'm sure all other libs out there were already doing this, and this is nothing new - but it makes me happy we've come this far.

Now, on to cleaning up more of our tree and moving some stuff around...

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