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Earlier this week while riding my bike to work my bike chain broke. Sadness. I locked the bike to a tree, locked the front wheel to the frame, took off the saddle and took a cab to work.

Tonight, after my work which obviously involves a lot of Free Software (ding), we went out for dinner with people from Nokia that are on a whirlwind tour of Spain visiting GNOME-related organisation (ding ding), and afterwards I decided to take the scenic route home and go and collect my bike.

On the way to my bike I passed by a sign that had a big penguin on it (ding ding ding). Looking closer, I saw it was a store, the big penguin was THE big penguin, and the store was called GNUinos, and had the tag line “software lliure per a gent lliure”.

Either this store does not actually exist and I’m still drunk on tonight’s sangria, or Free Software really is all around us these days…

Free Software sadly does not get my bike fixed, though.

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