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Post-mortem for lost sleep

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 17:17


So, I had a 3 hour delay on my 21:00 flight last night out of Barcelona. Never mind how badly the company informed us even when I was telling them what was going on, that's a different story (involving me asking the question, "So you're saying that it is possible for a plane to leave Belgium at 21:05 and arrive in Barcelona at 21:00, flying 1400 km while travelling 5 minutes back in time ?" to which the droids replied "yes, of course.". Clearly they were not listening)

So, my plan was to sleep in late, and I advised relevant parties of my plan.

Wake-ups that prevented me from sleeping late:

  • Kristien's alarm waking us up
  • Kristien kissing me goodbye
  • My mom calling - I rejected the call
  • My answering machine calling me to tell me my mom called
  • Lunya, our cat, jumping on the bed

I gave up sleeping at 10:10, though the goal was to sleep until at least 11:30 to get my 8 hours.

So, treating this the way I do platform incidents, here are the resolutions:

  • Figure out a way to get Kristien to only wake me once
  • Ask my mother nicely again to never call me before 12:00 unless it is really urgent
  • Call Vodafone and figure out a way to configure my answering machine to not call me (maybe I should do that together with asking them for the third time to STOP SENDING ME PROMOTIONAL SMS'S AT 3.30 IN THE MORNING - even though now that I'm not on alarm duty anymore they don't actually wake me up anymore)
  • The cat problem is due to us living in Kristien's apartment which is in fact one big room, so there's no way to keep the cat away from the bed. That should be solved once we move into our new apartment Real Soon Now.

Other suggestions to protect my sleep are welcome.


  1. Not considering the cat (but it would awake me only once, it will immediately thrown outside the window) you can try earplugs, and i would suggest you to remove the power to the the door ring, usually the jehovah witness ring the morning i want to sleep.

    Comment by Andrea — 2008-02-14 @ 17:58

  2. Turn off your cellphone, turn off your alarm (or make sure it is set to the right time), ditch your girlfriend, kill your cat. (Optionally, kill, your mom and girlfriend and eliminate step 1 and 3). Use at your own risk. Some of the above may need to be edited to conform with decorum.

    Comment by Max — 2008-02-14 @ 18:55

  3. 1. Turn your cell phone off while sleeping, or at least, put it into silent mode
    2. Take the other phone off the hook
    3. 8 hours? Really! Hey, you’re lucky! Tell your Kristien that you NEVER EVER will have kids.

    Comment by Ingvar — 2008-02-14 @ 21:22

  4. If you’re in the Netherlands, you can just tell Vodafone to never send you promotional sms messages. I think you can even set it up at their website. I never get them.

    Comment by vodafone user — 2008-02-15 @ 04:37

  5. Just have kids and all of the above will suddenly seem (or, rather, become) trivial.
    So get up and get over it.

    Comment by rombocop — 2008-02-15 @ 08:45

  6. On a more serious note. It would be a very simple and effective service if the gsm operators could set-up a system where the calling party hears a dual-level “voice mail” in the sense of “your respond prefers to not be interrupted now; press 1 to talk to voice mail and 2 to ring the phone of the respondent for urgent matters”. The gsm operator that implements this, gets my immediate business (and that of a lot of other people I assume).

    Comment by Peter Vandenabeele — 2008-02-17 @ 00:29

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