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Filed under: Fluendo,GStreamer — Thomas @ 14:17


on some old slashdot headlines - I never make any more time for this these days.

But this snippet (from this article) was awesome to read:

Marlin says that that CoreCodec has established a new internal process for handling intellectual property issues so that they won't improperly use the DMCA again in the future. CoreCodec will also be assisting Nisota with his ongoing development efforts to ensure that coreavc-for-linux users can continue buying and using the CoreAVC codec. In the long-term CoreCodec also hopes to release a GStreamer-based CoreAVC codec so that they can officially support Linux users.

Or to put it in Catherine Wheel terms - I've finally arrived. It's awesome to see codec companies equate "officially supporting Linux users" with "release a GStreamer codec".


  1. I hope it’ll be released soon, it seems neither mplayer or vlc can currently play all 1080p h264 encoded movies without choking up occasionally even on my new 3GHz Core 2 Duo CPU :/ (though it only chokes up on a few of them that have especially sharp picture quality and use the full 1920×1080 resolution)

    Comment by Hans — 2008-06-16 @ 14:47

  2. It would be considerably more awesome if they realised that this also equated to support for [Open]Solaris, FreeBSD etc. users as well, though!

    Comment by Calum — 2008-06-16 @ 15:29

  3. All we need is a decent gstreamer-player. (Totem is just a toy-thing)

    Comment by smart-ass — 2008-06-16 @ 18:57

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