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There’s a guy in Barcelona who runs an antique store. Well, maybe it’s not an antique store, because it doesn’t like like stuff my mom would actually buy. And I’m not even sure if he’s selling.

But he cooks for anyone who comes in, whatever is available, and turns it into honest and magical meals. He’s probably Barcelona’s best kept secret – he’s not in any guide (which is a good thing), and I doubt he even has a license to do what he does.

He gives you whatever he has, and what he has is always excellent quality. He probably goes by the farmers and vineyards himself to select his products. No is not a word he accepts, and there’s no way you can eat everything he gives you.

I’m always a bit worried when I bring people there because it takes some time to get there, it’s always difficult to organize it, and you just never know how people will react, or how Angel will react if he happens to be in a less sociable mood and gets asked to cook something non-meaty for example. But I’ve just never been disappointed, so I don’t know why I worry.

Today we went there to kick off our developer meeting now that everyone’s back from holidays and Julien, a new guy, just started. We got chorizo, manchego cheese, beans, a huge tortilla, a special Cabrales cheese which was very strong but good, bread, and duck pate. And those were just the starters, I had to explain to my surprised collagues. After that, we got blood sausage, cutlets, and hake. All of this with some wine, and desert and coffee at the end.

And when you get up and leave, you ask him for the price, and he makes one up on the spot for the whole group. Rumour has it it’s cheaper if you’re a girl and can part with some pecks on the cheek.

If you ever get to Barcelona, drop me a line for the address. And let me know if you write for a tour guide or travel magazine, so I can give you the wrong information. I don’t ever want to see it get ruined.


  1. Confirmed. The most unknown jewel in Barcelona…. and you’ve just made me noticed that indeed girls pay less :)

    Comment by Edward Hervey — 2008-8-27 @ 8:17 am

  2. Hey here. Happens that i’m currently living in BCN (Gràcia) but i don’t have a clue about where to find this guy :)

    And no, i’m not fan of tour guides neither.


    Comment by Gonzalo — 2008-8-28 @ 10:41 am

  3. Hi there. I have just moved to barcelona and I’d love to get into that stuff. It looks very attractive and well tour guides are ok somethimes but as soon as your roots are in a place you better get rid off them so there is time to find it out by yourself.

    Comment by Volviendo a empezar — 2008-8-29 @ 2:38 pm

  4. Hi, we are going to barcelona in a couple of weeks and this looks really promising..

    Comment by Glenn — 2008-9-6 @ 11:15 am

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