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Baobab/Disk Usage Analyzer

Filed under: GNOME,Hacking — Thomas @ 11:00 pm

11:00 pm

Usually when I run out of space on my laptop I do a du –max-depth=1 to a file in my home dir, wait, look at it, then drill down to the biggest dir and repeat. I find some stuff, delete some stuff, free up some space, then continue.

Each time I think ‘there’s got to be a better way to do this’, and today I remembered the name ‘baobab’. I was surprised to find out that a) this was already included by default in GNOME and b) already installed on my system. I didn’t find it where the online docs said I would (on my F-11 system it’s under System Tools instead of Accessories – I’m guessing that’s a Fedora decision).

It took a while to run on my home directory (about 10 minutes I think), but I just used to drill down to a few levels, and freed up 2.5 GB of space in under 5 minutes. With my manual system I’m lucky if I delete half a gig in 15 minutes!

Excellent, excellent tool, and flawlessly executed. Apart from launching it I didn’t need to learn anything, it just worked as expected, and it told me what I needed to know in less time than before. Fabio Marzocca, you’re my hero of the week!


Filed under: GNOME — Thomas @ 11:27 am

11:27 am

Up until Fedora 9 I used gnome-session-save after setting up my desktop ones and laying out my terminals just the way I wanted. Among other things, I always have one terminal on the right hand side of my screen, full height, with various tabs that I often refer to (including my todo list program). It was set on every workspace too.

Since upgrading to Fedora 11 it seems gnome-session-save doesn’t save that at all anymore. Anyone have an idea why that changed ?


Filed under: GNOME — Thomas @ 11:42 am

11:42 am

to OpenedHand on cashing out! May you all be made rich and live prosperously.

Just make sure you don’t get sucked into the Black Hole of Being Acquired, but keep hacking. Make us proud!

GTK question

Filed under: Flumotion,GNOME,Hacking — Thomas @ 5:23 pm

5:23 pm

We have a lot of text labels in Flumotion where we put mid-sentence newlines just so that once in a while the line gets broken and doesn’t push the containing widget out wider than we want it to be.

Obviously this is a bogus way of doing things, but even our resident GTK+ wizard, Johan Dahlin, didn’t have a ready answer for what the right way to do this is. So – how should we do it so that text gets flown correctly without mid-paragraph newlines and without ultra-wide widgets ?

The answer is probably superobvious.

tabs in GNOME

Filed under: GNOME — Thomas @ 8:48 am

8:48 am

The first post about Totem threw me off, but now I’m on to you GUADEC dorks. This is all just a big scam !

Of course, I still have my doubts about Christian Neumair’s original post – I really do believe he added tabs to Nautilus. My guess is that’s what’s sparked all the ruckus and joking for the other applications.

So, anyone know if Nautilus really has tabs now ? Anyone know if Christian’s followup post where he defends tabbed Nautilus as the sanest idea ever while condemning all the others is real, or just another hoax too ?

And if it is real, I ask, where do I turn in my GNOME membership badge ?

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