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git workflow question

Filed under: GStreamer,Hacking,Python,Twisted — Thomas @ 22:34


I'm trying to integrate git into my workflow. I've been reading documentation and tutorials (there sure are a lot), but I'm not sure they cover the use case I want to try and implement. So I'm explaining it here in the hopes that some experienced gits will be able to show me the way.

The basic use case is simple: I want to hack on GStreamer, which uses git, from various computers (laptop, work machine, home machine), and have my private and/or public hacking in sync between those three machines.

Basically, when I create a branch on my laptop, hack in it, commit stuff, and push it out to my private or public repo, I then want to pull all those changes on my home desktop and continue hacking.

It looks like I should be able to do it with a magic combination of a bare repository on some server, and the right incantation of git remote add lines on all of my machines. But so far, my experiments have only led me to some abomination of a bare repository where my home machine sees a branch created on my laptop with the name 'thomas' as a branch named 'private/thomas'. In other words, the names don't match up. And for now it looks like the content doesn't match up either; I somehow merged the thomas branch into my master on my home desktop. Also, it looks like pulls from that private bare repo end up as an actual commit, which seems a bit messy.

I'll retry my experiment to see if I might have screwed something up, but in the meantime, if you recognize the use case I'm going for and know how to implement it, feel free to throw me a bone.

My brain just exploded

Filed under: Work — Thomas @ 11:39


while looking for load balancing projects.

This gem from Cisco's site:

Maximize application availability by providing universal, application-fluent business continuance capability.


Filed under: General — Thomas @ 01:13


Had a both relaxing and tiring weekend. Instead of going to Gent on Friday evening and see Venus in Flames play at the Charlatan, I stayed home and watched Risky Business instead - a movie that's been on my to-see list since forever. It was actually more explicit than I expected, and for an 80's movie not too bad.

Saturday I took the train to Gent (Kristien's car is still towed after someone took it for a joyride) to spend the afternoon sewing with Tamara. I'm finally finishing a rust-brown pullover I started only seven years ago. At this pace it'll be back in fashion by the time it's done.

After that, we went out for a tango milonga at the usual place. And after that, a party at the place where I spent my sundays as a boy scout from 12 to 18. On the way there we drove past the house of my first girlfriend (when I was 11), so I looked her up on Facebook and tagged her. Then I got nostalgic and looked up the first girl I kissed, she was there too. Maybe this is my mind's way of telling me that it's high time Kristien got back from India.

Do we have any more selfish goal in life than to be remembered by the people we've loved ? People only truly die when there is no one around anymore to remember them.

Sunday morning I spent fixing my parents' home network, trying to find my dad's computer (which broke again, after he fried both his hard drives of his software raid and I used an expensive company for data recovery), which he either misplaced somewhere in the house or had stolen when the garage door was left open.

Then back on the train to Brussels, confused again by the Brussels metro system that is about to change completely in April (for the worse, as far as I can tell), and watched The smartest guys in the room, a documentary on the Enron scandal. I particularly gasped at the part about how they held California hostage to take money, impressive hack.

Now I'm done disconnecting, time to sleep under the watchful eyes of Paloma.

best medicine

Filed under: Spain — Thomas @ 22:25


after a hard first day back at work: the Holy Triad at Ciudad Condal. montadito de solomillo, brocheta de langostinos and mini-hamburguesa con cebolla confitada. All for the bargain sum of 8.50 euro. This Holy Triad will probably be a valid reason forever to come back to Barcelona.


Filed under: Fun,Travel — Thomas @ 14:50


Tomorrow I'm leaving on an 8 day snowboarding trip. This time however, after some people dropped out for various reasons (weddings are a reason these days, go figure), we end up being just two. My best friend and me. It took us all of 10 seconds to decide whether we should still go or not.

How often does one get the chance to be 10 years younger again for just one week ? And how often do you get that chance having the experience and resources of someone 10 year older ?

I've been thinking about things I want to do that week. My current plan is that we should go up the mountain at the end of the day with sleeping bags and plastic, make an iglo, sleep in the iglo, and ride down first thing in the morning, before the lifts are open. And then go up the lifts again together with the first people, and have first slope - again.

I realize 80% of the readers have checked out by now. For those still here, please send in your tips, suggestions and comments. I don't even know if what I want to do is legal, let alone safe, and Google isn't helping me much. Anyone ever built an iglo at a ski resort to sleep in ?

Suggestions I've already had from friends:

  • don't
  • if you have to, do it in an area with trees (so the dozers don't flatten you)
  • if you die I'll hate you forever
  • I don't want to read about you in the paper
  • make holes in the iglo to not get snowed in and die of asphyxiation (actually that one's from the net)
  • seriously, don't

I should actually call up my dad - he actually builds an iglo and sleeps in it at night in his garden here in Belgium any time there is enough snow. I have bad memories of being forced as a child to go out there in the snow with bad gloves rolling up blocks for his iglo.

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