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Filed under: Hacking,Python — Thomas @ 08:18


...is alive again! After two years of once in a while poking the author asking for my six patches to get merged in, I recently got given commit access and admin rights, and between the three of us we started talking about doing an actual release!

I just commited a patch for my own bug (God, I'd forgotten how much SF's bug tracker sucked ass).

Now I have to hurry the hell up to get the other five patches in there before the release deadline, which is scheduled for halfway through July.

In the distance I can hear Andrew Patrick Wingo's maniacal laughter...


Filed under: Spain,Travel — Thomas @ 22:51


I'm glad the Eurocup is over. Our pilot informed us twice about the game, and the Aerobus stopped a few blocks before Placa Espanya. The place was packed to the gills, people climbing the monuments, and everyone shooting fireworks.

I had managed to avoid San Joan this year only to come home to this new warzone :)

I was hoping to go to bed early and get a good night's rest. Doesn't sound like that's in the cards.

Congrats to Spain, and now I'm going to enjoy my next two years of no-soccer-craziness. As if.


Filed under: Fluendo,Flumotion,Python — Thomas @ 22:46


Flumotion is hiring again!

We're looking for talented, motivated and passionate developers who want a
healthy mix of working on a real commercial product and platform, and the
Free Software technologies they're based on.

Flumotion SL is a Spanish company, located in Barcelona, and part of the
Fluendo group.

Flumotion is our UNIX-based streaming server, written in Python, on top of
GStreamer and Twisted. Our platform is a collection of Linux servers
distributed over Spain, as we're looking to expand our business further
into Europe. It handles several Gbit/s of streaming traffic.

We are also working on a commercial version of Flumotion, to be released later
this year.

We are looking for developers to:

  • work on the core technology: the server, GStreamer integration, the platform, scalability
  • work on the box project: web frontend, usability
  • work on the web projects: our website, our customer portal, and our backoffice

Python experience is not required, but definitely a plus.

If you like working with other hackers, on real-world projects, while looking
out over the sea and enjoying the good weather of Barcelona, contact us! Feel
free to drop me a mail at thomas (at) flumotion (dot) com if you prefer to
drop off your CV in a more human mailbox.

For more information, as well as complete job descriptions, see our
Hiring page.

Revisor Reredux

Filed under: Fedora,Hacking — Thomas @ 13:06


I followed Owen Taylor's advice and tried livecd-creator instead. He gave me a one liner that worked from an installed package. That's how it should be - a simple no-frills "see ? this thing works !" experience. Contrasted with the 8 hours I spent on getting revisor to do something, this was a world of difference.

In a few hours I had set up a local mirror to get packages from, and created two specialized live CD's. Now I'm rebuilding a whole bunch of packages to include on the CD's and then I'm ready to give it a go.

Anyone in the know who can tell me if the real Fedora Live CD's are spun with livecd-tools or revisor ?

Revisor Redux

Filed under: Fedora — Thomas @ 12:55


I spent part of my lunch break filing 17 tickets in Revisor's Trac after figuring out thanks to a comment on my blog that I'm supposed to use my Fedora username/password.

Here's hoping it gives the Revisor guys something to chew on.

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