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I don’t know what it is or does …

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... but after 8 minutes of running a freshly installed FC6, a process called yum-updatesd has managed to eat up 90.8 % of my 2 GB of RAM.

This is after trying to make my Dell GX620 not hang with the on-board Intel 945 graphics chipset after installing.

Somehow this jump to FC6 was a lot more painful than any previous jump to a new FC release.


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Deep in the trenches of after-work experimenting because my work days do not allow me the time needed to investigate proper migration of our mail servers. Setting up Fedora Directory Server, which has some quirks but seems to be simpler to set up than OpenLDAP. Toying with getting Evolution to show Person objects defined in it, and allowing each person to edit themselves, I stumble across the problem of Evolution insisting on adding the "calEntry" objectClass to each object that I change a property of.

Some mails suggest that calEntry has an RFC but no "official" schema file, and that Toshok once made a patch to support this properly by checking the server for existence of this objectClass. That part was probably removed because it unconditionally tries to add this property value now.

Anyway, to get to the point. Evolution comes with an evolutionperson.schema file which you could load onto the server, but not with a calEntry.schema file, sadly. The evolutionperson.schema has this gem of a comment in it:

# spouseName
# single valued (/me smirks)
attributetype (
NAME 'spouseName'
SUP name

I guess way back when this file was written nobody expected Ximian to be taken over by Novell - a company originating from the heartland of mormonism.