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Right before leaving from work, I made a quick phone call, and then when I got back to my desk a colony of water drops had commited suicide all over my laptop. It didn't take long to realize that the leak was coming from the air conditioning in the ceiling, and it didn't take much longer to realize that if I had left five minutes earlier my laptop would have been dead tomorrow morning.

So, yay for staying late at work.


"I hoped that God would shake my Etch-a-Sketch clean overnight."

Douglas Coupland, JPod

Sometimes someone nails something.

There are rumours all over google about an svnsync tool that allows you to sync an svn repository from another. Given that we pay our server bandwidth (private we, not company we), it would make more sense than a nightly full dump-and-rsync.

I couldn't actually find the tool anywhere so I wanted to look in subversion's repository. Except that it is *really* hard to find the URL to use for checking out code on the subversion site. Try it out now ! For the answer, look down and rotate your head 1080 degrees (Imperial, not US) to read.

I found it in the FAQ.

Something is wrong if …

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... the only thing I'm jealous about in Philip's picture is the tickets for Pukkelpop...

of course there is a mitigating factor: all other devices in the picture are lying around at the office

PHP lovin’

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From the build of php-sha256:

Build complete.
(It is safe to ignore warnings about tempnam and tmpnam).

From the man page of tempnam and tmpnam:

Never use  this  function. Use mkstemp(3) instead.

The message after build comes from Makefile.global, used by phpize, and so gets printed after the build of any php module. This particular one luckily doesn't use tempnam and tmpnam.

Please lie to us more, PHP hackers. Our sites require cracking.

Righting wrongs

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For all those people who live under the delusion that Johan was too much to handle - there is photographic evidence of who came out on top.

I came for the freedom. I fought for the identity of freedom lovers.