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Collabora and Fluendo collaborate fluently!

Filed under: Fluendo,GStreamer — Thomas @ 13:01


Well, this sure has been a long time in the making.

Fluendo and Collabora have a checkered past which I won't get into, but on paper it has always made sense for these two companies to collaborate and making GStreamer work commercially. One company specializes in products, the other in consulting (I'm sure you can figure out which is which), and complement each other perfectly to make GSstreamer more successful commercially.

I personally have always believed that we need to get GStreamer to other platforms and make them as easy to use as possible. Windows was an obvious target in the past, and now Android is another. There is a big difference between a successful open source project, and a commercially successful one. Flumotion's Andoni Morales who came with me to the GStreamer 0.11 hackfest in Malaga is going to be working on this one SDK to rule them all.

Christian beat me to it in the blogosphere, but the word is now officially out! Feel free to read Fluendo's press release.

Glowing Fluendo codecs review

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Once in a while one is allowed to gloat at a job well done, right ?

I just read this favourable review of our codecs and DVD player. It reminds me we've come a long way over these past almost-six years. I'm happy to see that someone I don't even know has such nice things to say about our work.

Which only goes to show that, the less I'm involved with a particular area of work at the company, the better it seems to do :)

In related news, recently I noticed we took another step on the Ladder of a Real Software Company: we made an Actual Physical Product that you can actually use to install something.

Front: 71128
Interior: 71131

This CD, even though it's already outdated, is going on the shelf at home. After I show it to my mom so she starts believing there is a real company over there in Spain :)

Vote for Flumotion!

Filed under: Fluendo,Flumotion — Thomas @ 14:50


If your mind is wandering a little at work, if you're a big fan of Flumotion, or you like our company or really any company with firm roots in open source, you could do worse than take out 2 minutes of your day and vote for us in the Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards 2009!

Here's what you do:

  • Go to: http://www.streamingmediaglobal.com/Readerschoiceeurope/
  • Enter your name, email and company info
  • Vote in 5 categories (3rd, 4th, 6th category on the left column; 1st and 4th on the right):
    Online Video Platform, Best Streaming Innovation of 2009, Streaming Services Provider, Transcoding solution, Video Advert Platform.

Feel free to vote in some of the others too, I picked Spotify in the Music & Audio delivery section for example.

Feel free as well to drop a comment if you voted so I know who to thank if we win!


Filed under: Fluendo,sysadmin — Thomas @ 10:49


Defcon 17 wrapped up last week. Apparently, we had three of our people in the contest, and they scored very well!

Sergi from Fluendo, being an oldtimer going for the third time, ended up in 5th position with his 'Sexy Pwndas' team.

Javier and Guillem, from the Flumotion support team, went for the first time, and landed in 7th position with their 'Sapheads' team, a particularly impressive feat for first-timers.

Check ddtek for the final ranking.

Congratulations guys! Maybe we should have you guys do an audit of our platform ?

5luendo birthday party

Filed under: Fluendo,Releases — Thomas @ 10:37


Yesterday was cause for celebration. We got together to celebrate five years of the Fluendo Group!


The picture quality is bad, and not everyone is in it, but I just took it on a whim after marveling how many people were there. I didn't even know all of them - yes it's gotten to that point. 67 months ago I arrived in Barcelona without the company even being created...

We celebrated with mountains of cheese and rivers of wine which in the first year would have lasted us a few weeks and now only lasted an hour.

As magical accidents sometimes happen, today is also the day Fluendo received the certification confirmation from Dolby for our DVD player. It didn't take long to land in the webshop, so finally our DVD player is up for sale! So you know what to get us for our birthday - a shop checkout with the dvd player in your cart.

Good timing - that means that at this year's GUADEC/Desktop Summit I know what the answer will be to one of the most asked questions I get.

This is the first GUADEC I'm going to with Kristien in tow, I hope she can manage. I'll be there from Monday through Friday, because the week is bookended by two weddings. Looking forward to a GStreamer summit on Thursday discussing 1.0...

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