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long life external batteries for laptops ?

Filed under: Question,Travel — Thomas @ 19:19


I'm probably going to be doing some long flights pretty soon and I'd like to maximize my laptop time hacking on the plane.

Who of you have experience with big external batteries, what's a good one to get, how long can I expect them to last and how long do they take to charge ?

middle mouse frustration

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 16:34


Sometimes I get annoyed about a simple problem and want to fix it the right way and have it fixed forever. Right now is such a time.

Middle click stopped working. Not sure when - maybe on my last update or reboot ?

I know what's wrong - xev tells me that clicking that middle mouse button tells me it thinks it's button 6 when it should probably think it's button 3.

Now, in the Old Days you'd tweak xorg.conf and add a funky option.

In the New Days Xorg is trying to be all about not needing xorg.conf and I support that vision. But, what is now the proper way to fix these issues ?

a) is this a bug, and should some hal file provide enough info for this mouse type to do the remapping ?

b) can evdev be configured on the fly and/or permanently to fix this mapping ?

c) which part of the stack is getting it wrong ?

If it helps, this particular machine is on Fedora 12, and the mouse is a simple Dell mouse with two buttons, a scroll wheel (the 'third button') and two up/down buttons.