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long life external batteries for laptops ?

Filed under: Question,Travel — Thomas @ 19:19


I'm probably going to be doing some long flights pretty soon and I'd like to maximize my laptop time hacking on the plane.

Who of you have experience with big external batteries, what's a good one to get, how long can I expect them to last and how long do they take to charge ?


  1. My Thinkpad X200s can comfortably get me to the East coast of North America on it’s extended battery.

    If you fly business class or even economy class on sensible airlines, you get power though.

    Comment by Philip Paeps — 2010-08-26 @ 20:17

  2. I have the 27++ battery for my Thinkpad T510… It easily gives me an extra five hours of battery life, and only takes an hour or so to charge. Between it and the nine-cell battery, I get between nine and ten hours or regular use, without worrying about dimming the backlight, etc.

    Comment by Jared Smith — 2010-08-26 @ 20:38

  3. There is no amount of additional battery power that can give you as much extra time as switching to a solid state hard drive. My X-25M frigging *doubled* my battery life in airplane mode (wireless off), which sounds perfectly relevant to your use. Seriously.

    You can pick up a 40GB X-25V for like $120. Ubuntu boots in 7 seconds, OpenOffice loads in 1, Chrome comes up instantly.
    And then, if you decide you need more battery life *yet*, you can be sure that your SSD will make the best possible use of every single watt-hour you throw at it. Every single one.

    Comment by ethana2 — 2010-08-27 @ 05:54

  4. I have a dedicated 11.6″ netbook for travel and working on flights. I find anything bigger is hard to use when the person in front puts their seat back (which always happens on the longer flights.). Plus the low power of the machines give great battery life to start

    Comment by Mike — 2010-08-28 @ 01:10

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