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Collabora and Fluendo collaborate fluently!

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Well, this sure has been a long time in the making.

Fluendo and Collabora have a checkered past which I won't get into, but on paper it has always made sense for these two companies to collaborate and making GStreamer work commercially. One company specializes in products, the other in consulting (I'm sure you can figure out which is which), and complement each other perfectly to make GSstreamer more successful commercially.

I personally have always believed that we need to get GStreamer to other platforms and make them as easy to use as possible. Windows was an obvious target in the past, and now Android is another. There is a big difference between a successful open source project, and a commercially successful one. Flumotion's Andoni Morales who came with me to the GStreamer 0.11 hackfest in Malaga is going to be working on this one SDK to rule them all.

Christian beat me to it in the blogosphere, but the word is now officially out! Feel free to read Fluendo's press release.

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