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Revisor Redux

Filed under: Fedora — Thomas @ 12:55


I spent part of my lunch break filing 17 tickets in Revisor's Trac after figuring out thanks to a comment on my blog that I'm supposed to use my Fedora username/password.

Here's hoping it gives the Revisor guys something to chew on.

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  1. I have some Revisor issues of my own in the F-8 branch. You blog convinced me to sign up for a Fedora account so I could post a few tickets. Too bad the Fedora Accounts signup page is crashing with a “500 Internal Server Error”. I’m just about ready to throw in the towel.

    My primary problems in F-8 are these:

    1. Can’t log in as root because password is not set correctly.
    2. Builds kernel squashfs image in wrong location on the disc.

    Both of these problems are listed as “fixed” in Trac, but there are no pointers to any of the code checkins that detail the fixes. The alleged fixes were never back-merged into the F-8 branch so they are worthless to me and are essentially “not fixed” at all.

    A few other F-8 problems:

    3. Critical errors are not reflected to the GUI.
    4. Some non-critical errors ARE sent to the GUI where they mislead the user into thinking a severe error has occurred.
    5. Assumes some directories exist where they do not. Bad design here, period.
    6. A whole class of errors (like #5) leaves loop-mounted filesystems in place where you either have to get rid of them manually or re-boot to recover.
    7. Revisor is alternately tied intimately to livecd-creator, or not, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

    The bottom line is I have spent the better part of 5 days now trying to build a Fedora 8 LiveCD and it’s only a little bit closer to reality now than it was 5 days ago. Most of the trouble stems from your observation that they only worry about the trunk and don’t bother to merge fixes back into the older branches. I tried a newer version and found out that there are idiosyncracies in Fedora 8 that require you to use the F-8 version, which is horribly broken. What a mess.

    Revisor should NEVER be touted by anyone as anything other than a nice little experiment that never got beyond the “alpha test” stage. A bag of s**t all the way around IMO.

    Comment by Frank S — 2008-07-29 @ 05:05

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