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I'm glad the Eurocup is over. Our pilot informed us twice about the game, and the Aerobus stopped a few blocks before Placa Espanya. The place was packed to the gills, people climbing the monuments, and everyone shooting fireworks.

I had managed to avoid San Joan this year only to come home to this new warzone :)

I was hoping to go to bed early and get a good night's rest. Doesn't sound like that's in the cards.

Congrats to Spain, and now I'm going to enjoy my next two years of no-soccer-craziness. As if.


  1. I’m glad the German team lost, that’s why it was quiet here and I had a good sleep.

    Comment by Götz — 2008-06-30 @ 07:05

  2. yeah, people got crazy in Spain last night, they had been waiting for so long for this that they explosed :-( There have been, in Madrid, lots of injured people, and even one dead, so yeah, bad time to be in big cities. I hope the celebrations are over now.

    Comment by Rodrigo Moya — 2008-06-30 @ 12:11

  3. I find these kinds of comments a bit bitter. Since you don’t enjoy football, nobody should get any enjoyment out of it. The Euro, and even more so, the World Cup, is a time of people coming together, having a bloody good time and yes, sometimes, getting a bit drunk.

    In many places, even far away from the countries where the World Cup is arranged, the whole atmosphere changes and a carnival like feel can be seen and felt throughout towns throughout the tournament and not just if your country win the cup. No other sport, and indeed no other world event has such a global uplifting effect on people.

    Comment by Gaute Lindkvist — 2008-07-01 @ 09:54

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