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8:09 pm

First day of work after a ten day holiday-that-was-not-really-a-holiday. More on that later. Our new sysadmin has arrived, so he will take some time to break in.

In my absence, a new customer has started on our platform, set up by my team. The customer has various radios and TV’s. Today one of their radios hit around 450 Mbit/sec sustained traffic, with 7444 clients connected. And everything just worked, and they did it all without me!

I don’t know whether to feel proud or redundant.

If you have a TV or radio, it is not too late to get connected and use up our bandwidth. Click now !

anti-piracy as a tool

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10:34 am

I’m at the EBU Open Source conference, in a presentation on Campcaster. The speaker raised a great point that I had never thought about before.

We all know lots of people use cracked proprietary software. Campware is creating tools for media producers in emergent democracies. Apparently, sometimes local police uses anti-piracy as a tool to be able to raid these media producers and shut them down when they need to. Obviously it makes perfect sense for the police to use this avenue to get their way, but I’d never thought about software licensing being used as a tool to quell free speech.

Another reason to contribute to Free Software, I guess.

intarweb help

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7:26 pm

Hey people.

I am looking for software that allows me to track “things that have happened” over “large amounts of time”. I would like to be able to categorize things, assign them some level of importance, describe what “objects” are affected by it, …

I want to be able to hook up this software to simple scripts that can enter events into the system.

Examples of these are: software upgrades on machines (can be culled from /var/log/messages). Incidents filed in a bug tracker. Alarms reported by a monitoring system. Me noting down when we did a change in some config.

After that, the software would let me go look for patterns somehow, and zoom in and out on the data, and graphs made from it. It should let me track the history, so I can answer questions like “when was the last time we upgraded this piece of software”, but also let me find causes and effects (what happened right before so many things started failing).

Any suggestions are welcome. I have no idea what sort of words I should be googling for to find the sort of thing I want.

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