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Hell yes

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glusterfs               13T   371G    13T   3% /mnt/vf01
glusterfs               13T   379G    13T   3% /mnt/vf02

Bring it on!


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I defend it to the death.

But sometimes I feel like an apologist.

There is simply *no way* any sane person out there can be using Evolution with LDAP contacts and not want to kill himself or herself on a regular basis.

It was bad enough when I had only one LDAP backend. Hangs in the Evolution UI while it was asking the evolution-data-server through bonobo for contacts, and just freezing everything (What good is moving stuff out-of-process if you actually block completely waiting for a reply ?) I think I killed evolution-data-server four times daily just to unfreeze the UI, losing of course the autocompletion that makes having your contacts LDAP useful in the first place.

Now that I finally decided I've had enough of having 3 copies of my personal contacts across my various machines, I moved all of them to a different LDAP server as well. Now the autocompletion makes Evolution freeze pretty much every time. Looking at the backtraces it looks like there is a *global* lock for all LDAP functionality, so if one server has a problem everything stops working. And the LDAP servers don't even have a problem, so I don't know what's going on. I'm afraid I'll actually have to try and build Evolution myself and fix stuff, which can only go wrong.

Side note - in the process of trying to move my contacts from my work machine to the new LDAP, halfway through the process I pressed delete when I thought I had a contact focused, but I had the address book focused. Oops. Then I moved through my laptop contacts, and I managed to do it again. Oops. The other two machines that have contacts are either without power supply or locked up in a garage in Brussels. Oops.

But hey ! If YOU use Evolution with LDAP contact backends, please let me know if it's working out for you! I want to get this Stuff To Work.


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xkcd dishes out something touching on pure poetry ...

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