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Dedicated separate Firefox windows

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 10:59 am

10:59 am

Dear intarweb,

here’s what I’d like to be able to do. I would like to start a completely separate Firefox window, in a separate process, with a given webpage. This process should be completely separate from my regular browsing, not take new links in its window when I click links somewhere else (usually they go to the most recently opened window), not crash when the regular firefox process crashes, and not bog down because my regular firefox goes to 100% CPU and beyond.

It seems to be hard to google for this idea; is it possible ?

Best post-sale screen ever

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 10:24 am

10:24 am

Just gave in to the geeky side of the force this morning and bought a DVD documentary about BBS’s. (the version I bought comes with a DVD full with BBS text files, ANSI art, and random crap.)

After buying, this is the screen I got:

I don’t think I ever got a chuckle out of what happened right *after* I forked over cash. Here’s to you, Bob!

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