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tao-release package and site update

Filed under: Fedora — Thomas @ 3:33 pm

3:33 pm

This morning I wanted to upgrade my laptop to F11 after both my work and home desktops had been upgraded to F11 64-bit a while back.

Since a few releases I’ve been maintaining and extending my own upgrade guide which makes the process decidedly less painful. In the past I would have my flow interrupted for a few weeks as I ran into yet another thing that wasn’t installed or set up. Now I can just put myself in ‘machine upgrade’ mode and follow the instructions, and adapt them as I go.

Two particular things were annoying this time so I fixed them permanently and crossed off some todo items from my GTD list in the process.

First of all, since the laptop is i386 as opposed to the x86_64 installs I had previously, I hadn’t yet rebuilt packages that I maintain for i386. So I started rebuilding them. And then I realized that I shouldn’t rebuilt noarch packages, I should fix my packaging symlink script to take those into account too.

So, converted my ugly shell script into a slightly less ugly python script that finally is smart enough to put any noarch rpm into the package repos for all archs.

Then I rebuilt the arch packages, and finally created a tao-release rpm so that enabling my repo can now be a one-click install. Should have done this a long time ago.

As you might expect, no promises on quality in that repo, but I use it myself over a bunch of machines, and drop packages there of projects I work on, or packages I still need to submit to Fedora.

While I was on a roll, I also finally updated those package pages and links, dropped the links to the pre-Fedora-9 packages (though they’re all still there if you browse), upgraded from WordPress 2.8.0 to 2.8.4 (still a huge drag).

Anyways, a good start to a Saturday after the worst migraine attack I’ve ever had last night. My back feels like it’s welded shut, but hey, today seems to be an ok day.

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