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morituri 0.1.2 “VCR” released

Filed under: morituri,Releases — Thomas @ 17:13


I finally got around to completing my release, after a week of absence from my apartment.

This is intended as a release for daring and curious people who've had enough
of the fact that Windows has a more accurate CD ripper than Linux.

Here are the features:

- UTF-8/unicode handling fixes
- improved error handling
- ignore tags for alac and wav
- work around GStreamer flacparse bugs
- change how paths get referenced in .cue files
- properly interpret AccurateRip results; no more assertions on unexpected
ordering of results
- add debug command

Get it at morituri or from package repositories if you're on Fedora 14/15


  1. Any chance of an update for F13?

    Comment by J.B. Nicholson-Owens — 2011-06-06 @ 05:50

  2. It is super cool that you’re working on this, thanks!

    Comment by Sam Thursfield — 2011-06-06 @ 12:32

  3. Hi, this may or not be useful for you: http://tmkk.pv.land.to/xld/index_e.html

    Comment by rodgersan — 2011-06-06 @ 22:19

  4. I concur with Sam Thursfeld; very cool also that you’ve released free (as in freedom) software unlike EAC which is proprietary. Thanks *very* much.

    I have seen the Fedora 13 update and I look forward to trying it out after work.

    Comment by J.B. Nicholson-Owens — 2011-06-07 @ 00:45

  5. Hello Thomas,

    thanks a lot for writing such a cool piece of software! Finally I can rip my CDs securely with Ubuntu!

    Comment by Pete — 2011-08-11 @ 20:12

  6. You’re very welcome, thanks for the feedback!

    Comment by Thomas — 2011-08-14 @ 18:20

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