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Transcoding webinar

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I'm doing a webinar in a couple of minutes on Video In The Cloud: Live and On-demand Encoding and Delivery. A bit late to announce that if you want to catch it (I've been busy, sorry), but it will probably get recorded and be made available later on.

I'm there with people from Amazon, Sorenson and Zencoder, so that should give a good Q&A session.

It's a challenge doing that from Europe at the moment - I left the office past 23, and Neil even later - but it's a good opportunity to talk about the things we're working on.


  1. Unfortunately missed your show. Can you please post a link of the video recording. Thanks in advance. Val

    Comment by Val — 2011-06-30 @ 21:08

  2. Hey Val,

    it was an audio webinar. The link will be made available on our blog at livetranscoding.com, and I’ll post here too. Let me know if you have any questions after that.

    Comment by Thomas — 2011-07-01 @ 12:25

  3. Hi,

    I´m interested in learning about transcoding. We are starting a group of people learning about video issues and one is going to be transcoding.
    Were could I listen to your webminar?

    Is there any othe interesting resource you can show us?

    Saludos desde Madrid.


    Comment by gabriel — 2011-11-30 @ 17:18

  4. http://www.streamingmedia.com/Readers/Subscriber.aspx?Redirect=http://www.streamingmedia.com/Webevents/register.aspx?eventID=353

    Comment by Thomas — 2011-12-11 @ 20:14

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