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We had a problem with one of the encoders producing artifacts under certain conditions. It was hard to reproduce, but it usually happened on cartoons, so some of the web developers helped the core team out to see where they were triggered and spent half an hour watching anime cartoons looking for artifacts.

The boss walked past when one of them was watching the cartoon. A week later, he informed the development manager that his guys were watching cartoons on the job. It wasn't his business, of course, but the boss thought he should know.

So the development manager, in his next sitdown with the developer, said: "Don't get upset, but I wanted to let you know that the boss has caught you watching anime at work..."

Needless to say the developer was rightfully upset, wondering how the boss could possibly think he was stupid enough to be watching cartoons for fun in plain sight at work...


  1. Funny.. At my job it is perfectly ok to read cartoons at any given time! :-/

    Comment by Michael — 2011-09-27 @ 13:48

  2. What a douche!? What was the aftermath? Did the guy get a caution or fired!?

    Comment by Discuss Anime Online — 2011-09-29 @ 22:50

  3. No, we can’t fire our boss!

    Comment by Thomas — 2011-10-08 @ 02:29

  4. Haha! Arrr that would explain quite alot. Still. He can accept the title of douche.

    Comment by Discuss Anime Online — 2011-10-13 @ 22:50

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