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Finally got back to packaging our stuff for Fedora Core 1. Have more or less decided and agreed with FreshRPMS how we plan on packaging it. The GStreamer repository on our website will be compatible with the repositories of fedora.us and rpm.livna.org. Matthias and I will pretty much have the same set of packages, I think.

The 0.7.x will be packaged with gstreamer07 as a base name. When 0.8 comes out, that will become the gstreamer base, with 0.6.x moving to gstreamer06 for parallel installability.

I'm still finding small bugs here and there that should really be cleaned up before 0.8.x, but I'm happy that they're all easy cosmetic bugs that are nevertheless important to get right. I'm happy that I'm running into them one by one.


Time to announce this baby... I have to write something up about this soon.


Wanted to spend some time this weekend on looking at the kernel module packaging issue. Sadly I got into a very unproductive argument with someone over mach using --nodeps to actually build the package. I should have spent my time actually working on mach itself, but I guess I got very irritated because of the person coming over as agressive and not really interested in why this was done in the first place, or that he was using the tool to something it was not intended to do yet.

That doesn't mean it's not a bug (which I acknowledged from the start) and that it couldn't be fixed. I guess some people expect their software to automatically do whatever they think it should do, and be perfect and contain no bugs.

So if you find a bug, and report it, think about this. Project maintainers get bug reports all the time. If they can choose between working on a bug that got filed by someone who was polite and respectful, and someone who came across agressive, irritated, and impolite, and all else being equal, which of the two bugs is the maintainer more likely to work on ?

Anyway, the next day I decided to really work on stuff I wanted to and not get in endless discussions again. I reworked the way quoting is used in mach so that it now can correctly execute stuff like

mach build --target i686 --define 'kernel 2.4.22' kernel-module.spec

Then I worked some more on the linux kernel macros in autostar sandbox until it was an easy patch to build qc-usb kernel modules correctly. And then I built a bunch of kernel modules :) If you're on fedora core 1, and have a simple Logitech QuickCam webcam, please try packages from this dir and let me know if it works for you.

Now I need to finish these properly for linux 2.6 too (I've heard you really need a writable kernel source tree, and all the spec files I checked for 2.6 kernel modules indeed seem to copy the whole kernel tree as part of the build process, ugh), and then I need to pimp these autoconf macros to upstream kernel module projects to get rid of their crappy custom stuff that always breaks when you're not building for your actually running kernel.


So far, Orkut has only helped me to find people I already know and have regular contact with. That's not really what I need, is it ? I guess I'll take a break for a bit :)


It's been a while since I typed that. Must be muscle memory from the good old MS-DOS days ...


Finally started skating to work. This morning I still took about half an hour to get here, so I guess I need to find a somewhat shorter route. I am getting good at not falling down, and I hope the regular exercise will make me feel a bit more healthy in general.

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