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Time for a photo update

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1:40 pm

Finally managed to get all my pictures transfered, sorted and uploaded. So time for a quick runthrough for those that like to watch.

Here’s where you can play “Spot The Computer Geek”.
This is how Australians eat a cookie with their coffee. And this is what we make for you if you come over for tortilla wraps.

Here’s some pictures of our office, before there was furniture.

Whenever we can we have a great barbeque on the terrace. Here’s one for our friend Lotte returning for a short visit, and here’s one with people from work.

Last week we went out to a tango festival. Only, the tent where there was supposed to be tango dancing was empty, and they weren’t really playing tango music either. So we went out instead. Here’s Barcelona’s coast line by night. And this is how you’re supposed to get rid of furniture.


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