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2:22 am

Hectic work week. Today for example was a holiday but we’re all to wired up to take it :) I would just sit at home stressing about stuff still to finish anyway.

Finally got a gst-plugins release out. Apart from the usual bitching by the usual suspects it went out fine, though I am starting to loathe the general “wait and see and complain afterwards” attitude I have to deal with. I’d much prefer people actually doing testing on the prereleases I make instead of just complaining why they don’t know what’s going on. But I guess it’s a natural human tendency – people don’t like doing boring stuff like testing before releasing and people feel it is someone else’s job to keep them in the loop 24/7.

On some good notes, the streaming is coming along nicely. Wim has done quite some tweaking and testing to the effect that you can CTRL-Z the server, bg it, and then when you fg it after some time it manages to pick back up and stay synchronized.

While creating a bunch of components today that basically took a live audio/video feed (synchronized of course) and encoded it to a) a high-quality Ogg/Theora + Vorbis stream, b) a low-quality one, c) a vorbis-only ogg stream, d) a multipart smoke + mulaw stream, and e) the a) stream captured to disk, we noticed something funny going on with the video. It started getting fringes and colourful effects. It took some thinking to realize that tcpserversink is probably dropping some buffers for some clients when CPU is close to 100% and not everything is getting enough CPU slices. Good that we picked that out today – Wim says it should be a fairly simple fix to just split it into two threads and keep a GArray of buffers around to make sure that a) clients get all buffers without dropping and b) slow clients get dropped without obstructing the fast clients.

Also fun – the servers in Norway got installed this week by Rolf, and he gave me access. It took me about half an hour, including building CVS code and configuring a bunch of files, to set up the machine for streaming. Nice to be able to get packages from the projects I work on, fedora.us, GStreamer, and kernel modules combined, and just Have It Work.

So, here’s hoping we are ready to stream …

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