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What a week for my baby and me. She’s getting ready for her radio show which starts next week. Yes, hard to believe, but true – the old radio station from Belgium where we both used to work has given her the opportunity to do her radio show from Barcelona ! So, they brought the equipment to the same building where I work, allowed her to hire a friend to help do production, and sent over a technician, and everything seems to be more or less ready. It’s a testament to how good she really is at this job if they really want her that badly.

Needless to say this stresses her out enormously after basically not doing very much the last six months. Which is great for both of us, since I’m feeling the same sort of stress getting the streaming stuff ready. So for once she doesn’t complain about me getting home late, and we can support each other knowing that things will be better after next week. Don’t I just love my girl… She’s going to do just fine.

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