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Day two of GUADEC, setting up stuff in the morning is really smooth now. Though getting up at 7.30 still sucks. Next year we have to have some other people actually do the streaming using our stuff, so we can hang out and sleep :) We even had time to make sure we had the sound correctly, and the wicked parabolic mike to get audience questions should work now too.

Lots of supportive comments from everyone both on and off the GUADEC grounds. One guy mailed me with a screenshot saying "Yes, the stream is working and simply rocks! I felt like beeing there."

That's exactly what we're aiming for. This is our first time streaming video, and we've already taken notes for everything we can do better next time (especially, getting high-res slides in the stream, for one thing), but it's very motivating to spend time discussing "what sort of rocking things will we have ready for the next time" instead of "oops, what did we do wrong ?". We made it. All the while our little server that could was running close to 3% CPU. Hm, we need a bigger testcase I guess.

Some random statistics: yesterday's viewer's ratings high score were achieved by none other than Dave Camp, who had 60 people watching, and people asking questions for him on IRC which were proxied through some of the gnome hackers.
Given a stream roughly close to 60 kbyte/sec, that accounts for almost 29 mbit/sec. The server is on a 100 mbit/sec. I hope nobody here on the university minded much.

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