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Two weeks ago, when planning to go to the movies, I saw that the big movie theatre here that has original versions was showing Secretary. Now, I had wanted to see this movie ever since I missed it in Belgium when it first came out, boring DVD rental store owners to death with my question “Is that movie in yet ?”. Spain really is behind on some movie release schedules, but this one takes the crown.

Anyway, I’m not complaining ! Went to see it, and while it might not have lived up to two years of built up expectations, it’s still easily about the best movie I’ve seen this year. Dark, romantic, funny and edgy.

This weekend we went to the movies with a bunch of us, so we had to settle for a “ok-for-everyone” type of movie. Two of us went to see Spiderman 2, but Kristien managed to drag me to “El Rey Arturo” with her on the promise that we’d see Spiderman 2 together if I could arrange for her to see the first one somehow. Women :)

The movie itself was quite a letdown. As far as I could follow the story, there seemed to be some huge plotholes in it. Keira looks quite dashing dressed in so little, but doesn’t get a lot of screen time. The scene on the frozen lake was pretty spectacular though. Other than that, some heavy over-the-top acting. Arthur himself looked eerily like Alan Rickman, and I also couldn’t put away the feeling that I had seen this guy before in something else. IMDB comes to the rescue – apparently he played the main character in Privateer 2 ! I should break out that game and try it again, I remember not playing it completely to the end. Wonder if WINE would manage it…

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