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3:07 pm

Day 3 at the Pukkelpop festival. A short dead moment, only crap bands on right now, so took some time to sit down with the laptop and check our Fluendo stream of the KDE devel conference. Seems to be going very well. Since Wim optimized the Theora codec for MMX they could make the video size a bit larger, and it looks good. About 50 people on.

Saw lots of friends and acquaintances here, which was unexpected. Peter and Tinneke decided to come as well for three days, which is great ! Jeroen and Annelies dropped by yesterday, and I ran into lots more. Sad though that our favourite rock chick Willeke was sick yesterday, but she did manage to get their in time for our favourite singer, Greg Dulli. She’s back home now though, recovering.

Anyway, more later, time to check some more bands.

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