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Pukkelpop Day 3

Filed under: Life,Music — Thomas @ 3:20 pm

3:20 pm

A day with the least to look forward to… Forced myself to see a bunch of possibly interesting bands but came out empty-handed. Took some time out to check on the webstreams my collagues were doing. Peter, Tinneke and I killed time in various way, including demonstrating the Befmatron, a new device soon on a home shopping channel near you.

Finally, it was time to watch the triumphant return of Soulwax, our best home town band. What, you don’t know who they are ? Maybe you might know their alter ego’s, the world-famous 2ManyDJ’s ? I really liked their show, but I missed the show and fun from previous concerts. But hearing Stephen say, after playing a song where he screamed no-no-no yeah-yeah-yeah repeatedly, in a quiet calm voice, “That song was called No no no yeah yeah yeah”, made me miss the typical flegmatic Gent sense of humor.

After the show I rushed to the CD stand to buy their new album. I love the artwork, great idea, nicely done, I won’t spoil it by explaining what it is. Waited for Archive, who actually did seem to have some fans, and they gave a great concert. After that, watched a bit of Hundred Reasons who have grown to be tremendously better than last time I saw them, though still too shouty for my taste. Also watched a bit of White Stripes, which were as to be expected – you hear a guitar, a scrawny voice, and someone banging pots at the back in a sort-of-rhythmic fashion.

And after all of that it was time to get to bed and go back home …

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