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On Thursday three girls arrived. An was the girl getting married. Vanessa and Isabel where the girls joining in for her bachelorette weekend, together with Kristien. It was fun to hear some more from "the other side" again - since moving to Barcelona I haven't been around that much girl talk. And to be honest, I'm the kind of guy who likes to hear lots of girl talk - "know your enemy".

Anyways, they seemed to enjoy themselves, they took real good care of me (I had some great dinners), and I've never seen someone drink bottoms up as fast as An did. That girl doesn't swallow even once when she downs a glass of champagne or beer.

On Saturday we went to the Razzmatazz again, which made me wonder why again I don't go there every chance I get. Five rooms of music, some of it very very good... Been a while since I've been to a party and heard Sonic Youth, Pixies or even god forbid Elastica. I should have forced my friends to go there when they were here - I'm sure Peter would have enjoyed hearing at least three Cure tunes full blast at a big party, accompanied by visuals from the video clips... I need to get out here more often.

Last week I still thought I'd be solely responsible for getting the word on the new Soulwax album out here in Barcelona, but I guess I was wrong. Imagine my surprise when at 4 in the morning the main room was playing "NY Excuse", an album track, not even a week after the album's official release. I guess my work here is done.

An had fun too, getting her picture taken with just about every guy passing by. A bachelorette party is always such a good excuse to get attention ...

One of the rooms had one of the guys from the Inspiral Carpets as the DJ. He was an excellent DJ, so I forgave him when he closed off the room with one of their biggest hits, Saturn 5, and he decided to sing along.
We left at 5.15, Wim decided to stay a little longer on his own. He seems to be having a great time here. Hope I won't take as long to get back there.

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