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7:11 pm

This weekend I was looking for a piece of plastic that disappeared from a lamp causing it to fall on the floor. Which is where Kristien left it :)

So I got on all fours, looking around for the plastic bit, and I managed to put my hand on a push pin. It went clean into the palm of my hand, half a centimeter next to an important vein. That gave me quite a scare. I pulled it out, inspecting the thing for any rust spots, then calling my dad (who’s a doctor) to ask for basics to ease my mind. It did hurt a bit when I stretched my hand, but I didn’t hit any important muscle apparently. Every few hours I look at the delicate little red hole next to the blue vein and realise I’m probably lucky I didn’t hit anything major.

Of course, in my mind I was already ordering a one-handed keyboard.

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