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I *hate* doing multiple releases in short succession.

Did a GStreamer 0.8.6 release yesterday, finally, after being stalled by unresponsiveness to revert threats, internet loss at work, and internet loss at home. Ronald pushed me for a new plugins release as well, which is supposed to go into FC3. And then Wim did two simple great fixes to the core, prompting me to release a new core. It's not brown paper bag, it's just that good a fix. But still. I was trying to get some actual WORK done today. Sigh.

In unrelated news, I was happy to make this screenshot this morning. I fixed the code to display "1 week" instead of "1 weeks" after the server was started, and added regression tests for it. In any case, having the server stream rock stable from an SMP machine using threads inside GStreamer to an average of 2500+ clients for over seven days is a pretty big milestone.

There are very few streams that actually manage to attain that number of clients anyway.
We found some "indenpendent" Microsoft-funded studies comparing Windows Media Server and RealServer, and on the same hardware for the same bitrate they manage 900 streams, and Real a few less. Ours is pulling a peak of 3700 at the moment, pushing over 40 Mbit/sec, using 5% CPU and some 5% of 1GB of memory. Pretty good, I'd say.

Of course, after making the screenshot I had to restart the streaming component, since I had made it log to a file through stdout with lots of debugging enabled, and about 98% of the 16 GB disk was taken up. And I couldn't find a way to close stdout for that process, so I was forced to stop the process to actually reclaim the diskspace. You live, you learn.

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