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Fedora Core 3

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I got a patch from a nice fellow fixing some issues with FC3 (apparently su can now be interactive at any time - the "solution" is a binary called "runuser" that, surprise, behaves exactly like su used to behave. Something tells me making "newsu" was a better solution, but hey. If someone feels like it, please direct me to an explanation of the why and how of this change. Colin tried to explain it to me but there was some cabal knowledge involved that I was not privy to so I failed to grasp the change).

Anyway, the patch also adds yum support. The patch itself is a bit dirty since yax only hacked it enough so he could make it work for himself. But it was the spark that prompted me to revisit mach a little. So a new release is on its way.

Fedora Core 3 itself is pretty nice. Upgrading your distro is like moving into a new apartment though - no lights, no water, no electricity, and you have to bootstrap your way in again. Themes were screwed up, modules need to be rebuilt, and so on.

So I'm going through the motions, tackling item by item. Progress report at the fedora 3 build dir.

GStreamer goodness

I tried totem in FC3 on our streams, and they Just Work. Arguably, the error message when the sound device was blocked was pretty useless, so an upgrade should be done soon. But the streams play back nicely !

Got a poke on IRC yesterday as well:

<someguy_home> dude?
<someguy_home> after not trying it for ~a year, I just wanted to say that nautilus media player rocks
<someguy_home> that is all.
* someguy_home has been using the scanning function to go through a bunch of unknown ogg files
* someguy_home is looking forward to the brave new world of gstreamer goodness

I guess that's why one likes hacking. Even though nautilus-media needs some revisiting, especially now that Bonobo seems to be removed from nautilus.

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