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Flumotion hacking spree

Filed under: Fluendo — Thomas @ 01:47


So we had some silly bugs in our 0.1.2 release that should have been easy fixes. And to some extent they were. But fixing the easy bits revealed a whole slew of other things that left me unsatisfied. So I dug deeper and deeper, at each step in the way thinking "It's just five more minutes and then it will be perfect". I ended up staying at work until half past midnight. Luckily the big guy stayed with me all the time offering moral support, or I would have gone home earlier.

I added a ton of debugging and error handling, making sure we handle a whole bunch of potential problems correctly. Now you should get a dialog for pretty much everything that can go wrong.

I need to rethink how we test the server, because obviously just trying random things is not going to work. Especially if it's the developer doing the random testing, because everyone knows as a developer you only test the things you know will work.

Anyway, after five hours of spare time hacking I'm pretty happy with the result, so tomorrow we do a release after some extensive testing. And then I think long and hard on how to fix some of the process since that's what I'm supposed to be doing.

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