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Last Friday we went to Mataro to the Canonical conference for the Sound BOF. Nice to see some people again, like Jeff and Thom, or see people in the flesh for the first time, like Daniel. In the evening, got introduced to the cult of Maui, and managed to, as a virgin, finish twice in the first game... I also had two new rules I wanted to introduce, but couldn't figure out how I was supposed to do that. Sadly at the end I found out that my finishing was the key. I'd probably be given a card for explaining the rules here, but I'd bad-call it because we're not in game and if you are a virgin yourself you have no idea what I just said in the first place anyway.

On Saturday, joined in on the PyGTK BOF. Even for a noob like me it was pretty interesting. Nice to see what other people are working on. Fun to see Kiko in action too - all the drive of a Miguel, taking the BOF into his hands and making it actually proceed better than the average BOF. He's done some interesting work with PyGK in his company, I can see why Johan wants to work there :)

The Launchpad and Soyuz stuff that they demoed at the conference was interesting too. If they can pull it off, it would be a nice tool for someone like me working on Fedora packaging as well. Which is more sharing and goodie-two-shoed than any other distro company out there.

I would have liked to go on Sunday as well, but I was dead tired and I had tons of housekeeping I wanted to do. And anyway, I'm still a PyGTK newbie.

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