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6:37 pm

Between having a rotten weekend, turning pretty damn ill, and having impromptu meetings about lots of things, I also broke my teeth on trying to somewhat acceptably implementing a reconnection feature in Flumotion. It probably was the biggest “there’s another bug at the end of the fix for the last bug” wild goose chase I’ve ever had. My first couple of approaches failed spectacularly because after trying them I realized the problem was slightly more complex than I thought it was.

Once I had decided on the actual approach to take, I realized it would take me too far off the current course and take too long to implement. So I thought about the next best way to make it work for now, and started off in that direction. Which led me to the wild goose chase. Each time I thought “and now it will work”, it didn’t, and some careful debugging gave me another clue on what went wrong.

In one of the last problems, I had my streamer (the HTTP streaming element) reconnecting properly to stopped and started production/encoding components. Only, the tcpserversink element ports assigned to those two components had switched around ports, so all of a sudden my HTTP streamer was getting data from the raw video feed.

Anyways, I fixed all those issues, commited, and now I hope our happy customer Matthias tests and approves. After that, I can pick up the pieces, write down my ideas on how it really should work, and start on that.

Hopefully my mood picks up when a) I stop being ill; b) I stop getting into impromptu meetings and conf calls; c) we move office; and d) Andy arrives.

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