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6:48 pm

So, saw some movies last weekend. While ironing and with Kristien being away I watched Blade II. Not very good at all, though the story was better than average.

While my parents were here, we went to see “Olvida-te de mi”, which is better known as “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” (why does Spain translate the movie title to something completely different ?). It blew me away. It instantly made my top-five. I have no good or bad feelings about Jim Carrey, but he was very good in this movie. And some of the scenes were incredible.

Kristien and I watched The Last Samurai. It was watchable, and not that bad. If you watch it as a story (it is not very realistic) then it’s a fine movie. You need quite a bit of suspension of disbelief though to accept that Tom Cruise becomes a fully capable Samurai in so very little time and then manages to outlive all other 500+ samurais on the battle field.

And last week we went to see Captain Sky with Zaheer and Alia. The style and graphics of the movie were great. The story was a little off, though, and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of Phoebe’s little brother Frank – I love his acting.


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