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Filed under: Fluendo — Thomas @ 10:41 pm

10:41 pm

When going home this night I was thinking about where I currently am with Flumotion. After implementing a major feature, I feel I finally have some time to step back and take stock. Also, with Andy coming in, it’s now worth it to collect what we currently have and make some sort of presentation of it that I can give to everyone at the office. From that point on we should be able to discuss ideas more generally and get everyone up to speed.

I also started thinking about all the good ideas we’ve had in the last few months about future directions or things we want to implement. I quickly came up with a list of about 33 features and high-level things to do to implement them. All of them are pretty damn cool, even if that’s just my opinion, and very much worth implementing ASAP, so they will keep us busy for some time. This will also make it possible for me to get other people to help out and give them a bit of direction while doing so. It should also allow us, business-wise, to prioritize a little by using this list, and hopefully also assess more or less how much time each will take.

And hopefully it also gives the others some idea of what we can’t do yet, and an easy way to get into the code and do some things…

I really do look forward to trying and getting a more design-oriented workflow going among all of thus now that we’re expanding a little. There are times when it helps me immensely to try and express my ideas and discuss them with Wim, and figure out and resolve blocks I’ve had…


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