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build baby build

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 7:51 pm

7:51 pm

<flubber> You are one lousy bastard, thomasvs. Someone should please strangle the so-called ‘manager’ of this project, you obviously doesn’t know how to keep things *WORKING*. You broke the build of flumotion-FC3.

It’s nice when you set up a good build infrastructure and it works. We hooked up buildbot to blame or praise us when we break or fix the build. So now while I’m refactoring large chunks of code and occasionally I get something wrong, I get told. Lovely. We can also commit new blames or praises to svn and it picks them up automatically.

Now we need to buy some lava lamps and hook them up. Or some siren.

So the good news is that I unblocked my impasse on the refactoring.

<flubber> Have a coke, thomasvs, you deserve it. You fixed the build of flumotion-FC3.

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