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12:02 pm

Struck down by flu yesterday. I really tried to focus and concentrate on some things but I couldn’t keep anything in my head for more than a second. Read some books and watched some movies instead – good opportunity to watch all those movies Kristien never wants to see.

Watched Pitch Black (nice visuals, nice plot ideas, but Vin Diesel is not a very good actor), The Punisher (the one from last year, pretty good all things considered) and Death Race 2000 (hilarious movie, clearly the inspiration for the PC game Carmageddon), as well as two Sopranos episodes. By the evening I already couldn’t remember what movie I saw in the morning, that’s how shot my brain currently is. It feels like pudding.

Still ill today. Started out by watching THX. Nice movie, but maybe too much to handle for my pudding.

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