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Still ill. A full week, so it's not just a simple cold, it's a full-blown flu. I had forgotten how annoying a real flu can be - tingling muscles that hurt whenever you move a part of your body, mountains of snot, no desire to eat, the works...

Watched three more movies - Driven (crap), Witchblade (crap) and Spartan (murky plot). Tried to work at times, but wasn't too productive. Put together all of Kristien's stuff for the home studio - the cool microphone, the knobbed-lightsprinkled-voiceprocessor, the digital soundcard. Recorded some stuff with it, so the basics at least work. Now I need to figure out if I can find an easy program for Kristien to use to record her voice, or if I have to write one myself.

Andy came over on friday to discuss a bit on the server. Need to collect more thoughts. I sure hope I'm ok by monday.

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