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Currently in the French Alps (Tignes) for a week of snowboarding ! I'm in the internet center with my laptop because there was a bug in Flumotion for a client and I made a small patch at the apartment and have now uploaded it. Waiting for the client to verify the test works now.

Having lots of fun here. Andy seems to be really happy going down the slopes. Kristien has improved immensely and can keep up nicely. Wim is taking snowboarding classes as it's his very first time. He bought a set of clothes here and looks very stylish. Christian arrived yesterday, against all odds, on the bus from Geneva airport. For some reason though he's sitting here next to me playing World of Warcraft. He's soooo addicted. Also good to see Sven and Anja back. We're having a great week.

Going back to the apartment for some lovely dinner and lazying about with the guys. The snow is great, the weather is great, and it's incredible how much better it is to go a whole week...

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