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PyCon day 2

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Day 2 of the conference. Keynote by Guido this morning. Went to an interesting talk just now by one of the DivMod people about how he used a text indexing engine called Xapian to index 40 GB of patent information. He says he'll put the whole database he has online as a bittorrent link. I'll be sure to grab it.

I'm learning a whole bunch of cool stuff about Python and related projects, and got a bunch of new ideas to do specific stuff. I miss having Johan around at this conference - I feel more comfortable asking stupid newbie stuff to someone that probably doesn't hold it against me :)

Moshe squished me into a corner to get totem-gstreamer running on his machine. He claimed it crashed all the time. (UPDATE: Moshe asked me to clarify he did not use the word "crash". So we tried it and it played his file - but only the audio. He didn't have gstreamer-ffmpeg installed. I couldn't find a deb for debian proper, but he installed the ubuntu package and that worked just fine, as I suspected. Another new convert ?

Yesterday I tried to tag along with the DivMod crowd for dinner because really I don't know anyone here from before the conference and I don't mind listening in on knowledgeable people. But one of them I didn't know seemed to really want to have a DivMod-only dinner and (probably jokingly) requested everyone else to piss off, so I did.

Went to a Towers record store right across from the venue instead and bought a Bill Hicks and Denis Leary album, as well as Riko Kiley. Then I went to some mexican place and got a "dos manos" burrito, which was a really big one, and strangely enough, I got two. For 8 $. I only took in 1.5 of the two.

Seriously considering getting a QOTSA ticket from craigslist for Sunday...

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